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Upcoming departures / arrivals for Serravalle Scrivia (Outlet)

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09:35 500 Rome
09:35 500 Milan (Lampugnano)
13:20 500 Latina
17:40 500 Milan (Lampugnano)
20:35 500 Milan (Lampugnano)
21:50 500 Genoa (Fanti d'Italia)

last updated at  Refresh timetable
09:30 500 Rome
09:30 500 Milan (Lampugnano)
13:15 500 Latina
17:35 500 Milan (Lampugnano)
20:30 500 Milan (Lampugnano)
21:45 500 Genoa (Fanti d'Italia)

Station in Serravalle Scrivia (Outlet)

  • Serravalle Scrivia (Outlet)
    Via della Moda 1,
    Serravalle Scrivia
    After 8pm (closing time of the outlet) the stops will be in the parking in front of "Bulgari" shop

Sales Agencies in Serravalle Scrivia (Outlet)

When bookings are made at our sales agencies, it is possible that service fees will be charged. MeinFernbus has no influence over their amount. Please inform yourself accordingly before making your booking.

Maxerre di Compagnia Viaggi Srl - sede
Via Garibaldi, 44, 27058 Voghera
Maxerre di Compagnia viaggi s.r.l - filiale 4.
Corso Montebello, 5/a, 15057 Tortona
Viar Viaggi Di Aragone Virna
Viale Martiri Della Benedicta 130, 15069 Serravalle Scrivia