Upcoming departures / arrivals for Roskilde

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08:25 634 Aarhus
13:15 620 Aarhus
17:05 634 Helsingør St.

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08:20 634 Aarhus
13:10 620 Aarhus
17:00 634 Helsingør St.

Station in Roskilde

  • Roskilde (Trekroner Station)
    Trekroner Centervej 59,
    Please note that this stop is at Trekroner station.

Sales Agencies in Roskilde

When bookings are made at our sales agencies, it is possible that service fees will be charged. MeinFernbus has no influence over their amount. Please inform yourself accordingly before making your booking.

skan Rejser
Brogade 3, 3 sal, 4600 Koge
Havrevaenget 12, 4330 Hvalsoe