My Advantages

Flexibler Fernbus  

FLEXIBLE: the broadest spectrum of departure times

MeinFernbus and FlixBus are now one: We are now the biggest provider of long-distance bus journeys in Germany. More than 560 green buses already connect over 250 towns and cities – and with a high level of frequency. This means that in many places, you will not have to wait long before the next MeinFernbus turns up. We drive – you can choose.

Komfortabler Fernbus  

COMFORTABLE: modern tour buses

Our buses have air conditioning and on-board toilets, electrical sockets1 and reading lamps, and comfortable seats with a lot of legroom. We also offer snacks and drinks, free Wi-Fi2 and, in many of our buses, the Media Center with films and music on demand. In this way, we combine reasonable prices with a comfortable journey.

Fairer Fernbus  

FAIR: free change of booking until shortly before departure

Fairness means a lot to us: if you want to change your booking, you can simply do this free of charge up to 15 minutes before the journey begins. If you exchange it for a more expensive journey, the amount already paid is offset automatically. No fees are charged for the changes. You will always remain flexible.

Hilsbereiter Fernbus  

HELPFUL: 24/7 customer service

We are there for you. Our customer service deals with your concerns 24 hours a day, seven days a week on +49 (0)30 300 137 300*. If anything goes wrong, we make sure that you get home safely.

Naher Fernbus  

CLOSE BY: bus stops in central locations

Your journey begins even before the departure. That is why we demand a lot of our bus stops. They must be conveniently located and easy to reach by local public transport. We are, for example, the only long-distance bus provider to stop at Alexanderplatz in Berlin.

Grüner Fernbus  

GREEN: climate-neutral travelling

Green is not just the colour of our buses: environmental protection is a priority of ours. A lot of people already know that long-haul buses are basically an environmentally friendly means of transport. But we go one step further: on request we offer you the possibility of carbon offset. That means you will be travelling 100 % climate neutral.


* (Local calls from German landlines. Rates may vary for calls from mobile phones.)
1 Electrical sockets are already available in many, however, not in all busses.
2 Our free Wi-Fi is a test version, only available in Germany.