What if I accidentally made a mistake while booking?

If you notice that you made a mistake while booking, you can immediately change your ticket for up to 60 minutes after booking without having to pay cancellation fees or cancel. Already booked trips are exempt from this rule.


Which connections can I book?

You can find all of the bookable connections using our search form on the FlixBus app and at www.flixbus.com. You can find the current network on our website under Bus Routes.

If you are traveling in a group, you also have the option of renting an entire bus including driver for yourselves with FlixBus mieten. Our bus will pick you up at your doorstep and follow your individual travel itinerary. Just go to www.mieten.flixbus.de, enter your travel itinerary, calculate your price instantly, reserve for free and look forward to your trip!


When will my desired connection / bus stop be available?

Our connections can be booked approximately 4 to 6 weeks before the date of departure on our app and on our internet site. We are hard at work everyday expanding our network route and making our existing lines even better. There are three things that are near and dear to our hearts: punctuality, attractive departure times and the best transfer connections. We normally do not sell tickets more than one month in advance so that we are able to implement feedback and improvements as quickly as possible.

If you would like to be informed about new routes, sign up here for the MeinFernbus FlixBus newsletter or become our fan on Facebook.


How do I find the bus stops?

The easiest way is to look for your stop directly on our app. Select your station, click on the arrow in the upper right and navigation will start. You will find a list of our departure locations on our app under the “Bus stops” tab and under the stops overview. Just click on a particular city and you will receive the address of the bus stop(s) as well as a map. Maps of the corresponding bus stops are also included on your booking confirmation. 

The bus stops are usually labeled as such wherever they are located.


How can I book a ticket?

The easiest way is to book your trip directly with our smartphone app. Your ticket will simply be saved under “My Tickets” and you can present it with your phone when boarding. Furthermore, you can be sure that you will the receive best rates, just like when booking on our website. This also means you always get the best price. There are also always exclusive promotions on our app. You simply receive your booking confirmation via email (please also look in your spam folder). 

You can also book your trips on the phone by contacting our customer service line (+49 30 300 137 300), at one of our ticket outlets / travel agencies, or directly with the bus driver. Please note that on the bus, you will pay the normal price (for adults and children) and will only be able to purchase a ticket if there are free spaces available. Special and reduced prices as well as group discounts are no longer available when purchasing on the bus, unfortunately. The receipt for cash payments at the bus also serves as the ticket/booking confirmation.


How can I pay?

Your payment options depend on the type of booking that you made:

Online booking
: Direct debit, credit card (Visa/Mastercard/Amex), Paypal, SofortÜberweisung, Carte Bleue and iDeal.

From the bus driver
: Cash in return for a receipt. It is not yet possible to pay with card on board our buses. The receipt also serves as the ticket/booking confirmation. Please note: On board our buses, you will only receive our regular fare. Savings and promotional fares are only available online or in our agencies. Please note that in Sweden, only card payments will be accepted (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Maestro, Visa Electron, V Pay, JCB, Diners Club, China Union Pay). You can also purchase your ticket from the bus driver using mobile, NFC-based payment systems (e.g. Swish, Mobile Pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay).

In our agencies: All of the payment methods offered by the respective agency, but at any event, you can pay cash.

By phone: credit card (Mastercard / Visa / Amex), as well as direct debit for customers domiciled in Germany.

Please note that certain payment options entail third-party payment fees. However, there is always one payment option with no payment fees. The fees will be shown to you during the booking process.


How can I redeem my voucher?

You can redeem your voucher (for example a gift voucher, cancellation voucher) quickly and easily when booking online using our app or website, when making a booking over the phone or at one of our ticket outlets / travel agencies. After selecting your trip, you will be prompted to enter your voucher code in your Cart.

Please note that only one voucher may be redeemed per trip. Cash payment for the balance of a voucher is not permitted.

Vouchers whose validity cannot be extended are the vouchers purchased in our Fan Shop. Voucher codes issued for a rebooking or cancelation are valid for 1 year.


What about my LIDL voucher?

You can now also redeem your LIDL voucher code on www.meinfernbus.de/en. It is redeemable for the use on one bus trip only and you can only use one voucher per ride and per person. The expiration date of your voucher is noted on your receipt.

If you have redeemed your LIDL voucher and booked a journey, you can no longer cancel your ticket. You may give the voucher away, however, you are not allowed to sell it.


Problems with my online booking - What should I do?

If you are experiencing problems with your online booking, it is most likely due to your internet browser. Please take the following actions:

·         Use a different browser.

·         Empty your cache and delete your cookies in order to try again after re-starting your browser.

·        Update your browser. You will find the latest browser versions here: Firefox / Internet Explorer / Google Chrome

You have not received a confirmation e-mail? Please check your spam folder.


Which sales agencies sell tickets for MeinFernbus FlixBus?

You can find a list of our sales agencies here. If you click on your city, you will find a list of our sales agencies in the tab "Sales Agencies". If you want to book your ticket in person in our central bus station shops in your city, an overview of opening hours is available here.


Can I manage / cancel / rebook journeys by myself?

Yes, in our “Change / Cancel booking” section on our website, you can take the following actions until 15 minutes before the departure of your bus:

Changing the phone number: free of charge. You will then receive a new booking confirmation with a new booking number.

Change the passenger name: free, with the following exception: if the trip is more expensive at the time when it is changed than when the trip was originally booked, then you will be billed for the additional cost. You will receive a new booking confirmation with a new booking number.

Cancellation followed by a new booking:
If you would like to change a trip, then please do the following:
1. Check if the desired new connection is still available.
2. Cancel the original journey by creating a voucher.
3. Book your new journey and use the voucher you received after your cancellation. You will then receive a new booking confirmation with a new booking number.  If the price of the new booking is more than the value of the voucher, you will have to pay the difference.

Please note that, a cancellation fee will be applied per passenger and trip for every cancellation. This fee will be shown to you during the cancellation process.


Can I transfer a booking to another name?

Yes, in our "Change / Cancel booking" section on our website, or at our sales agencies, you can change the name of the passenger until 15 minutes before the departure of the bus, free of charge. If the price of the journey at the time of name change is higher than at the time of the original booking, however, you will be charged the difference. You will then receive a new booking confirmation with a new booking number.


Travelling with children or children travelling alone - What do I have to bear in mind?

Children travel at a reduced rate. This applies for children and minors under the age of 16 years old. If the reduced price offered is below the reduced rate, the child will automatically receive the less expensive rate.

Young children between 0 and 3 years old must be transported in child seats. These must be secured during travel using the seatbelt provided on the bus. The child seat must be secured with a two-point seatbelt and are to be brought by the child’s guardian.

Children and minors under the age of 11 will only be allowed to travel on all domestic and international lines if they are accompanied during the trip by someone 18 years old and older.

Children and minors between 11 and 16 years old are only allowed to travel on our buses without an escort if a legal guardian provided written confirmation to us during the booking process that the minor is capable and competent to take this trip alone and without supervision. We and our partner companies assume no responsibility for the minor. Children traveling alone cannot be transported across national borders on night buses. In addition, children traveling alone may not take trips that include transfer connections.

Adolescents over the age of 16 years old may travel alone with us. For international connections, the legal guardian must guarantee that the adolescent possesses all of the documents and identification papers required to cross the border.


Travelling as a severely disabled person - What do I have to bear in mind?

You can find information about transportation options for passengers with disabilities and limited mobility here. In order to verify that we can offer you transportation, we request that all passengers who must travel in a wheelchair contact our customer service 2 weeks at the earliest and no later than 7 days at the latest before booking. The notification period is reduced to 36 hours before departure for anyone else who is able to switch to a regular passenger seat, despite their disability or limited mobility.

Can I still travel the entire network despite my limited mobility?

We generally transport everyone - regardless of their disability or limited mobility. However, not all requirements have currently been met to be able to transport everyone at every time and on every line. On one hand, this depends on the structural circumstances of the buses we use. On the other hand, the infrastructural requirements are not barrier-free for each stop. FlixBus only has a few barrier-free buses at this time and they are used flexibly on several different lines. The stops are under the responsibility of the respective stop operator.
If you have limited mobility and are able to board and disembark the bus independently or with the help of an escort, then we are already able to transport you on all of our lines. 
If you rely on a wheelchair but you can stand up and climb into the bus on your own, you can also travel with us on all lines.
If you also rely on your wheelchair in the bus, we can currently only offer you transportation after careful, previous inspection of your wheelchair and on certain routes for operational reasons.   

How and when can I book my trip? 

If you are bound to wheelchair, please contact our customer service 2 weeks at the earliest and no later that 7 days before your trip (+49 (0)30 300 137 300*) so that we can verify our ability to offer you transportation. If all necessary requirements have been satisfied, our customer service will book you and your escort over the phone, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
If you are able, despite your limitation, to take a regular passenger seat, you can book your ticket yourself and do not need to worry about the notification restriction. You must contact us 36 hours before departure if you need to put mobility assistance devices, wheelchairs or orthopedic aids in the luggage compartment or have an escort or guide dog.
*) at the local rate. Calls outside of the mobile network may differ

What costs exist for my escort or companion dog?

If you have proven you need constant accompaniment, your escort as well as your companion dog will travel for free. Your companion dog will also be booked a seat.
Upon departure, your escort will travel for free if you prove that you need constant accompaniment. To do so, when leaving, provide the corresponding document that demonstrates the necessity of constant accompaniment, for example

  • in Germany, the Schwerbehindertenausweis (disabled person’ pass) or a doctor's certificate
  • in France, the Carte D'Invalidité (Besoin d´Accompagnement) 
  • in Italy: certificates provided by the local health authority (ASL) or the "National Social Welfare Institute" (INPS)

The same applies for your companion dog. You will also need proof that your dog has completed a recognized training program for a companion or guide dog.

What requirements does my wheelchair need to satisfy so that I can put it in the passenger cabin?

In the passenger cabin for long-distance buses, we can only transport wheelchairs that are compliant with DIN EN 12183 or DIN EN 12184 for use as a passenger seat and have a restraint system compliant with DIN 75078-2. Furthermore, the following maximum dimensions apply: max. width 80 cm x length 120 cm / 250 kg total weight.
Should it be determined, during check in, that your wheelchair does not satisfy these requirements, despite previous written assurance, we are not able to take it onboard and your entitlement to travel expires without substitution.

Are the bus stops traveled to barrier-free? 

Similar to the conversion of our bus fleet, restructuring stops to become barrier-free will still take some time, meaning we are not able to offer a comprehensive nationwide network yet. However, since we do not operate the stops, we cannot provide sufficient information about the infrastructure at this time. We therefore recommend that you contact the local stop operator about the current facilities before your trip.

How and where can I receive assistance?

Generally, you must be able to board and disembark the bus independently. This is critical should it be necessary to evacuate the bus. Driving personnel are not able to provide assistance during the travel. Professional assistance when boarding or disembarking or at the bus station can only be guaranteed at the barrier-free, specified bus stations in Hamburg and Munich. For your own safety and to make your trip as pleasant as possible, we therefore recommend that you travel with an escort who can assist you as needed.


Group trips - What options are there?

We offer two options to provide you and your group with affordable transportation:

If you want flexible options and to travel as you wish, you can charter your own bus with driver at www.mieten.flixbus.de. Anything goes here – pickup at your doorstep, direct transportation to your destination, use of the bus at your destination upon request. You can book instantly with the immediate price display and enjoy a comfortable trip for you and your group. And, should you change your minds, you can cancel the trip for free up to 14 days before departure.

We also offer a discounted group price for our regular service for groups of 3 to 40 people. You can book this directly under “Booking” when it is available. However, you must book at least one day in advance. If the special price is lower than the group rate, you will see the special price, meaning you always have the option of booking the cheapest price.

If you would like to go somewhere not covered by our regular service, you have the option of chartering a bus. You are guaranteed complete flexibility and comfort while you travel sustainably.


How many items of luggage can I take?

You may take one carry-on and one travel baggage item with you on your trip.  Please label your baggage with your name and address.

Carry-on luggage is one piece of luggage that does not exceed the measurements of 42 x 30 x 18cm and a maximum weight of 7kg, all valuables should be carried as hand luggage.

Travel baggage is limited to 1 baggage item with maximum dimensions of 80 x 50 x 30 cm (31.5 x 19.7 x 11.9 in). Small deviations from this are allowed if the total size of the travel baggage item, in terms of height, width and length, does not exceed 160 cm (63 in). You may take with you a maximum of 20 kg (44.1 lbs) for your free travel baggage per person.

Additional baggage: It is not to exceed the dimensions of the travel baggage and may not weight more than 20 kg (33.1 lbs). This additional baggage costs €2 and must either be reported to and confirmed with Customer Service via telephone during booking (if possible for the trip) or after booking but no later than 48 hours before the bus departs: +49 (0)30 300 137 300*. Generally speaking, we cannot guarantee the ability to transport more than one travel baggage item.

Special baggage: You must pay a fee of €9 for a piece of baggage larger than your travel baggage. This baggage item may not exceed total dimensions (height in cm + width in cm + depth in cm) of 240 cm (94.5 in) nor a weight of 30 kg (66.1 lbs). Furthermore, the special baggage item must either be reported to Customer Service via telephone during booking (if possible for the trip) or after booking but no later than 48 hours before the bus departs: +49 (0)30 300 137 300*.  A general right for each passenger to take special baggage on board does not exist. Examples of special baggage are ski equipment and musical instruments (transportation in a protective case is recommended). Special rules apply with the transportation of bicycles and orthopedic aids. Some items are excluded from transportation

You can find more information about the luggage regulations in our General Terms & Conditions / Special Conditions of Carriage.


Can I retroactively add additional or special baggage to a booking?

We recommend specifying additional and special baggage during the booking process. If a situation arises in which you would like to retroactively add baggage to your booked trip, we provide you with two options:

1) You can cancel your trip up to 15 minutes before departure on our website under "Cancel/change booking" or at our ticket outlets/travel agencies and then rebook it with your new desired baggage. The process is described in our FAQ under "Can I change, rebook or cancel my booking myself?". 

2) Alternatively, you can declare your additional or special baggage for a booked trip via telephone to our customer service. In this case, transportation will depend on the free capacity of the bus. The bus driver handles payment.


Can I take my bicycle with me?

On many of our buses, you can take your bike in standard dimensions without any superstructures (max. 25kg). You can book you bicycle in our normal booking process for 9€ each. Please select the number of bikes at the same time as you enter the number of passengers.

Carriage is on bicycle carriers. In special cases, carriage is only possible in suitable bags in the luggage compartment (e.g., folding bike). In that case, you must call customer service in advance to register the bicycle (see regulations for special luggage).

In order to check the possibility of taking an e-bike with you, please contact our customer service at +49 (0)30 300 137 300*.


Can I take my musical instrument with me?

Musical instruments within our dimensions for hand luggage (42x 30x 18 cm, max. 7kg): You can take your musical instrument with you into the passenger cabin, free of charge, instead of a regular hand luggage item.

Musical instruments bigger than our dimensions for hand luggage (42x 30x 18 cm, max. 7kg) are special luggage and need to be transported in an appropriate packaging in the luggage compartment. We suggest the transportation in a hard-top case. In that case, the transportation of your musical instrument costs 9€ and needs to be registered with our customer service after your booking, but no earlier than 48 hours prior to the departure of your bus: +49 (0)30 300 137 300*.

Musical instruments and their cases that are bigger than 135 x 48 x 35 cm are excluded from transportation (e.g.contrabass).


Am I allowed to take my pet with me?

For safety reasons, we do not allow pets to travel with MeinFernbus FlixBus. Guide dogs are an exception, if they are listed in the official pass or a certificate of a severely disabled person. Their transportation is free of charge, but needs to be registered with our customer service at least 36 hours before the departure of your bus: +49 (0)30 300 137 300*.


What must I consider on international trips?

For trips to another country please make sure that you carry all documents and identity cards necessary for crossing the border. Please do not lock your luggage in order comply with customs standards, and label it with your name and address in order to avoid any confusion.

Please also comply with the passport, visa, foreign currency and health regulations. You may receive information on these regulations from the Foreign Office or from Federal Police (or by phone from any German landline: +49 0800 6 888000). Additionally, please also comply with the customs regulations. For enquiries on the relevant customs regulations of Germany, please get in touch with the Central Information Unit of the German customs administration (enquiries.english@zoll.de or, for business inquiries, to info.gewerblich@zoll.de).


Can I obtain a discount for travels within Denmark?

Students, children, and senior citizens can obtain cheaper prices than the regular prices when travelling within Denmark. Please be aware that if you choose to book and travel on such a discounted price, the bus driver will require valid ID to be shown upon boarding. 

Students: The student discount applies to enrolled students with a valid student ID. Accepted IDs are the following:
- Valid student ID with picture and with expiration date
- Valid student ID with picture and with enrollment paper issued within the last 12 months
- Valid youth card (Danish Ungdomskort, issued by Trafikselskabet NT, Midttrafik, FynBus, Sydtrafik, DSB or Movia)
- Valid ISIC student card

Senior citizens: The senior citizen discount applies to people older than 64 years old, and people receiving pension according to Danish law on social pension. Accepted IDs are:
- Valid ID showing age above 64 years old, such as health insurance card, driver license or passport
- Danish pension statement issued by a Danish municipality (pensionmeddelelse) together with ID such as health insurance card, driver license or passport

Children: The children discount have two categories: a) children below 12 years old b) children below 16 years old. In cases of doubt, children need valid ID that confirms their age. Accepted IDs are
- Danish (yellow) or international (blue) health card
- Passport
Please be aware that tickets ordered in the children, student and senior categories are valid only with the above mentioned ID. If the required ID cannot be shown to the driver, your discount ticket is not valid, and new regular ticket is required in order to board the bus. 

Danish soldiers under compulsory military service can travel for free by presenting the appropriate documentation and ID of such service. A seat booking is necessary, and the reservation must be done at service@flixbus.com.


Can I obtain a discount for travels within the Czech Republic?

Students, children and pupils can obtain cheaper prices than the regular prices when travelling within the Czech Republic. Please be aware that if you choose to book and travel on such a discounted price, the bus driver will require valid ID to be shown upon boarding: 

 The children discount applies to the following categories:

  • For children from 6-14 years with any identity document bearing date of birth and photo
  • One child of age 0-5 years accompanied by a person above 10 can travel free of charge with any identity card bearing date of birth and photo.

The student and pupil discount applies to enrolled students and pupils with a valid student ID. The Categories and accepted IDs are as follows:

  • Pupils under 14 including and students aged 15 – 25 with valid student or pupil card issued by a carrier
  • International student card ISIC/ALIVE, EYCA (EURO 26, EURO 26 Student) 

The discount for disabled passengers is valid for ZTP or ZTP/P card holders, the card must be issued in the Czech Republic. The person accompanying a ZTP/P card holder can travel free of charge. 


Do I need a ticket to get onto the bus?

To board a bus, you need a printed or electronic copy (either a .pdf file or a QR code) of your booking confirmation. The easiest way is to simply present your ticket directly using the FlixBus app. Please note that, for travel into another country, will need to have all of the necessary documents and identification to cross the border with you.

You will receive the booking confirmation at the end of the booking process in printable form as well as per email (please look in your spam folder). If a ticket is bought from the bus driver, the receipt also serves as the ticket/booking confirmation.


I'm running late. Will the bus wait for me?

Our buses are regular services and tied to schedules. Therefore, it is not possible to wait for passengers that are running late. We suggest you plan enough time for your journey to our bus stop and arrive at the bus at least 15 minutes before the departure of the bus.


Can I board the bus later or leave it early?

Entering or leaving the bus at bus stops other than your booked journey is not possible, even if there is more than one station in one city. However, you can change your booking on our website by yourself, so you can board and leave the bus at the stops you prefer.

Please note that on some connections (below 50km or one hour), we have a legal restriction and may not sell any tickets. Therefore, some connections are not available on our website, even though they are on one line. We kindly ask you to respect that.


Can I rent my own bus?

Yes, you can. Take a look at current offerings at FlixBus Mieten. You will see the price right away, making it quick and easy to book. Our bus chartering service guarantees you complete flexibility and comfort while you travel sustainably.


How are the buses equipped? Are there toilets, beverages, snacks, electrical sockets, Wi-Fi?

Our buses have air conditioning, on board toilets, reading lamps, and comfortable seats. We also offer snacks and drinks, free Wi-Fi, and, in many of our buses, electrical sockets as well as a Media Center with films and music on demand.

Please note that the Wi-Fi we offer is operating in a test mode, which means that there might be a temporary dead zone during the journey or that not all of the passengers will be able to surf the net at the same time. In rare cases, the free Wi-Fi and the electrical sockets may not be available, e.g. if we are operating a replacement vehicle or if we are working as a sales partner. This applies especially for lines operated by the following partner companies: Autobus Oberbayern GmbH, Allgäu Airport Express GmbH, Blaguss Reisen GmbH, Bohr Omnibus GmbH, Dr. Richard Linien GmbH & Co KG, Publicexpress GmbH, TT-Line GmbH & Co. KG, and WESTbus GmbH.


Can I reserve a seat?

In our buses, you generally have a free choice of seats, which means that there is no possibility of reserving a seat. If you prefer a particular seat, we recommend that you make your way to the bus as early as possible, but no later than 15 minutes before departure. If your desired seat is already taken, please ask the passenger if he will change seats with you. Passengers with impaired mobility and travellers with children are naturally given priority in the choice of seats.


Are there any breaks (for smokers)?

On some of our routes, we plan breaks due to legal regulations for driving times. In general, however, we would like to bring you to your destination as fast as possible and abstain from additional breaks. Our toilet as well as our snacks and drinks on-board allow for a convenient travel experience, even on long journeys without any additional breaks.

Smoking is prohibited on our busses, even with e-cigarettes. However, you may leave the bus for a small cigarette break at our regular bus stops. Please ask your bus driver before leaving the bus and do not go too far away from the bus in order to avoid being left at the station! You can ask your bus driver for the length of the break.


What about the safety on the bus?

All seats on board the bus are equipped with a seat belt. As in a car, you are legally obligated to use it for the length of the ride.

Your luggage (except for hand luggage) will be transported in the luggage compartment. Your driver will take care that the luggage is handled correctly. Please secure your hand luggage safely in the compartments above your seat or underneath the front seat.

Your safety is our highest priority. All vehicles and electronical devices are certified by TÜV and are maintained regularly. Our drives are specialized in passenger transportation and are trained regularly. They have to attend to the legally prescribed driving and resting periods. Therefore, you will note planned breaks or two drivers on board on some of our longer journeys. In cases of delay, it may be necessary to include unschedulded breaks. We kindly ask for your understanding. 


I forgot something on the bus. What should I do?

If you forgot or lost something on the bus, please fill out our lost and found form, or contact our customer service in urgent cases: +49 (0)30 300 137 300*.


Can I buy MeinFernbus FlixBus vouchers online?

You can buy our gift vouchers online in our fanshop (only in German). You can choose between different values and will find more information on our gift vouchers in our fanshop.


I would like to create a FlixBus customer account, what do I need to do?

You have two options: Either simply register on our login page or do so while booking. 
On the login page, enter your email address and then you will receive an email with a verification link - this can sometimes take a few minutes. Then, simply enter your name and password and your FlixBus customer account is completely activated. 

If you would like to create your account while booking, simply check the box in the corresponding field on the payment page. 

When the booking is complete, a verification email is automatically sent to the email address provided while booking. 

By the way, you can link your Facebook account with your FlixBus customer account via email after registering.


I would like to log in using Facebook, what do I need to do?

You can also “link with Facebook” on the login page or the passenger information page; you need only to agree on the new window that opens. Required: You are already logged in to your Facebook account. Then you are completely registered and will also receive a confirmation email. There is nothing else to do. 

We will not, of course, post anything to your Facebook timeline.


I would like to log into the app. Why can’t I?

We are currently working on allowing you to also log in on our FlixBus app

Until then, use the app’s option to add your ticket via QR code scan and save your payment information there.


I forgot my password to my FlixBus customer account / I am unable to log in

You can reset your password so you that you are able to quickly access your information despite forgetting your password


My account has not been verified yet, but I can't find the confirmation email anymore?

If you haven't verified your account yet or haven't received the confirmation email yet, you can have the email resent to you.


What should I know about the FlixBus customer account?

It is super useful being able to save your payment methods to your customer account! This makes your booking with us much quicker since you do not have provide all of your information every time you book. 

If you are logged in, you can agree to save your payment information simply by checking a box.
All of your tickets are listed in your customer account under “My Bookings” after confirming registration with your email address. 

Of course, you can also make bookings for other people - family or friends - but make sure that you have entered the correct passenger name. 

Your personal information and payment data are in safe hands with us, needless to say. We do not send any information to third parties. You can find more about this by viewing our data protection guidelines.