Bus from Odense to Horsens

Schedule from Odense Ørbækvej to Horsens (Østerlund)

Departure timeJan 24, Thursday Jan 25, Friday Jan 26, Saturday Jan 27, Sunday Jan 28, Monday Jan 31, Thursday Feb 1, Friday
10:30 sold out
10:45 sold out
11:00 sold outsold outsold out
12:30 sold out
13:45 sold outsold out
14:15 sold out
15:00 sold out
15:45 sold outsold out
18:00 sold outsold outsold out
18:15 sold outsold out
19:15 sold outsold outsold out
20:15 sold out
20:30 sold out
The availability of seats and prices are not updated in real time and could be subject to change.

Stops on Maps

Odense Ørbækvej

Horsens (Østerlund)

Odense Ørbækvej, Ørbækvej 100, 5220 Odense S
Odense Ørbækvej
Horsens (Østerlund), Silkeborgvej, 8700 Horsens
Horsens (Østerlund)

Prices from Odense Ørbækvej to Horsens (Østerlund)

Economy from 7,90 €
Regular Price Adult 25,90 €
Regular Price Child
Group price
Bike-Slot 9,00 €