Bus from Augsburg to Žepče

Schedule from Augsburg (Augsburg P+R Nord) to Žepče

Departure timeNov 18, Sunday Nov 19, Monday Nov 20, Tuesday Nov 21, Wednesday Nov 23, Friday Nov 25, Sunday Nov 26, Monday
13:30 sold outsold outsold out
17:40 sold outsold outsold outsold outsold out
The availability of seats and prices are not updated in real time and could be subject to change.

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Augsburg (Augsburg P+R Nord)


Augsburg (Augsburg P+R Nord), Biberbachstraße 9, 86154 Augsburg
Bus station, P+R Augsburg Nord
Augsburg (Augsburg P+R Nord)
Žepče, Bukovik bb, 72230 Žepče

Prices from Augsburg (Augsburg P+R Nord) to Žepče

Economy from 24,99 €
Regular Price Adult 109,99 €
Regular Price Child 69,99 €
Group price
Bike-Slot 9,00 €