Bus from Albstadt-Ebingen to Paderborn

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Schedule from Albstadt-Ebingen (Bus station) to Paderborn (Maspernplatz west)

Departure timeOct 23, Monday Oct 28, Saturday Oct 29, Sunday Oct 30, Monday Nov 1, Wednesday Nov 4, Saturday Nov 5, Sunday
09:35 22,00 €55,50 €55,50 €22,00 €sold outsold outsold out
The availability of seats and prices are not updated in real time and could be subject to change.

Stops on Maps

Albstadt-Ebingen (Bus station)

Paderborn (Maspernplatz west)

Albstadt-Ebingen (Bus station), Poststraße, 72458 Albstadt
Bus platform 10
Albstadt-Ebingen (Bus station)
Paderborn (Maspernplatz west), Hathumarstraße, 33098 Paderborn
Paderborn (Maspernplatz west)

Prices from Albstadt-Ebingen (Bus station) to Paderborn (Maspernplatz west)

Economy from 19,00 €
Regular Price Adult 55,50 €
Regular Price Child 35,50 €
Group price
Bike-Slot 9,00 €