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Schedule from Achim (station north) to Amsterdam Sloterdijk

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Achim (station north)

Amsterdam Sloterdijk

Achim (station north), Gaswerkstraße, 28832 Achim
Achim (station north)
Amsterdam Sloterdijk, Piarcoplein, 1043 DW Amsterdam
Until November 30th 2017: Bus parking strip at "Radarweg". For this stop, please leave Sloterdijk station through the main entrance and go to the roadway on the other side. After December 1st 2017: Bus platforms at the Piarcoplein, on the north side of Sloterdijk station. Please follow the signs "Piarcoplein" in the station.
Amsterdam Sloterdijk

Prices from Achim (station north) to Amsterdam Sloterdijk

Economy from 19,00 €
Regular Price Adult 39,50 €
Regular Price Child 24,00 €
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Bike-Slot 9,00 €