Bus from Aachen to Ulm

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Schedule from Aachen Hüls (Wilmersdorfer Straße) to Ulm (Eberhard-Finckh-Straße)

Ulm (Eberhard-Finckh-Straße)

Departure timeApr 19, Thursday Apr 20, Friday Apr 21, Saturday Apr 22, Sunday Apr 25, Wednesday Apr 26, Thursday Apr 27, Friday
21:55 29,99 €35,99 €25,99 €29,99 €55,99 €
22:00 25,99 €sold out
The availability of seats and prices are not updated in real time and could be subject to change.

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Ulm (Eberhard-Finckh-Straße)

Aachen Hüls (Wilmersdorfer Straße), Wilmersdorfer Straße, 52068 Aachen
Aachen Hüls (Wilmersdorfer Straße)
Ulm (Eberhard-Finckh-Straße), Eberhard-Finckh-Straße 34, 89075 Ulm
Parking lot, Ludwig-Beck-Straße/corner Böfinger Steige Driving into the bus station lot with a private vehicle is not permitted! The bus station operator will report any violation of that prohibition to police.
Ulm (Eberhard-Finckh-Straße)

Prices from Aachen Hüls (Wilmersdorfer Straße) to Ulm (Eberhard-Finckh-Straße)

Ulm (Eberhard-Finckh-Straße)

Economy from 25,99 €
Regular Price Adult 55,99 €
Regular Price Child 32,90 €
Group price
Bike-Slot 9,00 €